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About Us

Bio Fish Seafood was founded in 2022 in Manaus, the capital of Amazon in Brazil. We are one of the largest exporters of TB filet and TB Ribs. Our core values are proactivity, honesty, efficiency, and innovation.


Our Vision

At Bio Fish, we have a  commitment to food safety and sanitation, and we continually strive to raise the standards of excellence for our clients. 


Fishing is predominantly artisanal through the riverside communities on the banks of the Solimões, Purus, Juruá, Madeira, and Amazon rivers. Our fishing activity contributes to the generation of income and the preservation of the Amazon Rain forest.

All our fish are fish, processed and frozen on the same day. It is this freshness that ensures the preservation of taste and the best nutritional qualities of the food. 

Grow Your Vision

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